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  • Discussion About The Bauhaus托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

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    Discussion About The Bauhaus托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

    一、Discussion About The Bauhaus托福听力原文:

    NARRATOR:Listen to a conversation between a student and an art history professor.

    FEMALE STUDENT:Hi,I'm Melissa.I was just a few doors down getting some help in the computer lab.My electronic files won’t open.The technician says it's probably a computer virus.She's working on it now.

    MALE PROFESSOR:Yes….From what I've heard,lots of campus computers have been affected.What a first week,huh?

    FEMALE STUDENT:I know!Anyhow,I noticed your name on the door as I was walking down the hallway.Thought I'd stop in and,um,find out if you happened to have any additional copies of the class syllabus.The one I received in class the other day is missing a page…

    MALE PROFESSOR:Oh,sorry about that….I probably have a few extra printouts on hand.

    FEMALE STUDENT:Great!Oh,and I noticed on the syllabus we'll be learning about,and eventually writing a paper on,the Bauhaus style of art?Sounds interesting—I’m looking forward to it!

    MALE PROFESSOR:Right.But,…technically,it-it doesn't say“Bauhaus style of art”;it only says,“the Bauhaus.”

    FEMALE STUDENT:Oh…?What's the difference?

    MALE PROFESSOR:Well,the Bauhaus is not really an artistic style,uh,…like Cubism.It was the name of an art and design school in Germany in the early twentieth century.The Bauhaus was started as an experiment in education...and one groundbreaking technique used in its teaching was that students actively participated in workshops instead of just sitting in classes….

    FEMALE STUDENT:Interesting….I don't have much background in art or anything.I am an economics major and am taking this class as an elective.Decided I wanted to broaden my awareness—try something new….

    MALE PROFESSOR:Excellent—I'm really glad to hear that!

    FEMALE STUDENT:So,…was the focus of the Bauhaus architecture…?I mean,I've studied German,and Bauhaus translates into“house for building”….

    MALE PROFESSOR:Well,the founding director was an architect;however,he aimed to combine an incredibly broad variety of fine arts and crafts under one artistic roof.As a matter of fact,when the Bauhaus first opened,it was without an architectural department for several years.But later it became very influential in architecture.

    FEMALE STUDENT:So I wasn't all wrong.

    MALE PROFESSOR:You'll see on the syllabus that you're required to visit the Rutherford Museum exhibit. The exhibit will help you see that there is no single Bauhaus style!I think it's refreshing that this particular exhibit departs from the standard ways in which art from the Bauhaus is often presented.

    FEMALE STUDENT:Which are…?

    MALE PROFESSOR:Well,for example,by specific artist.I think it's a mistake to focus on a single Bauhaus artist and that person's individual specialty.I mean,the different artists from the school created different things—fabric,sculpture,furniture,graphic design,paintings,...even theatrical performances!The exhibit in the Rutherford Museum unites all these specialties through connecting themes…such as“motion”or…“the body.”

    FEMALE STUDENT:Sounds fascinating!Say,I've heard something about discount nights at that museum…?

    MALE PROFESSOR:Weekends're full price.It's typically best to go Thursday nights.That's student discount night—50 percent off.However,next Wednesday is open to the public for free—it's a special promotion.So,I know what I'd do…!

    二、Discussion About The Bauhaus托福听力中文翻译:















    男教授:你会在教学大纲上看到,你必须参观卢瑟福博物馆的展览 展览将帮助您了解没有单一的包豪斯风格!我认为,这件特别的展品与包豪斯艺术通常呈现的标准方式不同,这令人耳目一新。





    三、Discussion About The Bauhaus托福听力问题:

    Q1:1.Why does the student want to talk to the professor?

    A.To let him know that she has no background in art

    B.To discuss the topic of her art history paper

    C.To inform him that she is unable to print out the class syllabus at the computer lab

    D.To get another copy of the material from class

    Q2:2.What point does the professor make about the early Bauhaus school?

    A.Its intention was to create a distinctive artistic style.

    B.It started out with a focus on architecture.

    C.It was conceived as an experiment in education.

    D.Its founding director supported traditional classroom teaching.

    Q3:3.Why does the student mention her German studies?

    A.To indicate that she is interested in different fields of study

    B.To indicate that she knows about the German art school

    C.To explain why she is taking a class about Bauhaus

    D.To explain why she thinks Bauhaus centered on architecture

    Q4:4.What is the professor's opinion about how Bauhaus works should be displayed?

    A.They should focus on a famous Bauhaus artist.

    B.They should reveal the diversity of the Bauhaus.

    C.They should be based on a single Bauhaus technique.

    D.They should be arranged by time period

    Q5:5.What does the professor say about the museum that the student is required to visit?[Click on 2 answers.]

    A.Its Bauhaus exhibit is organized by themes.

    B.Its Bauhaus exhibit will not be there much longer.

    C.It offers students a price reduction on Thursday nights.

    D.It will probably be quite crowded next weekend.

    四、Discussion About The Bauhaus托福听力答案:







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