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  • Arrange Work Space For A Club托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

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    Arrange Work Space For A Club托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

    一、Arrange Work Space For A Club 托福听力原文:

    NARRATOR: Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee at the student activity center.MALE STUDENT: This is the administrative office, right?FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Uh-huh. How can I help you?MALE STUDENT: Well...I am stopping by to reserve a place for my school club that meet and work, pretty much on a regular basis. Ideally... our preference would be to have our own office.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Hmmm...well, we are out of private offices...but we do have some semi-private options still available.MALE STUDENT: What do you mean?FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Well, it's a setup where you'll have a larger workspace shared by two other clubs. In other words, each club would have its own work area within that one room.MALE STUDENT: Oh... are there any divider walls or anything?FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Oh, yes. There will be a couple of dividers, so there's some privacy.MALE STUDENT: Um...We'll work with that then. I wouldn't want to be without an office.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: OK. Here are the two forms you have to fill out. Why don't you do it now while I set that up throughout computer system?MALE STUDENT: OK.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: So what's your club's name and the last name of the club president?MALE STUDENT: Oh, it's the photography club. And it's Williams. That's me. John Williams.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Mmm...That's not pulling up anything on my screen. Um, let me try something else. Uh, how about your faculty advisor's name?MALE STUDENT: Sarah Baker. She is in the Arts Department.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Hmm...No...strange... y'know, your club is just not showing up in my online records. Is this an established club?MALE STUDENT: No,uh, Actually it's a brand-new one.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Hmmm...Have you completed the registration process?MALE STUDENT: Yeah, last week. That was my very first step.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Right. Well, for my purposes, a club definitely has to be registered before I can proceed further. At the moment, however, it appears that there's no record of your club's registration.MALE STUDENT: Really? I thought everything was finalized last week.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Well.....it is surprising. Usually there's a 24-hour turnaround in our computer database. So... then... do you have the registration approval letter from the review committee? That would give me the verification I need.MALE STUDENT: Yeah. I do. I mean... well, I don't have it with me. But I—I, uh, can get it from my dorm room, bring it back with me and submit it with those forms you need from me.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Great! That'll work. And... just so you are aware, there're lots of benefits to being registered.MALE STUDENT: Oh, yeah... I think the university will give us permission to set up a website, right? I want to get students sharing their ideas on the website, you know, establish a photography blog.FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Yes. You'll be able to do that, and, um actually there's more. You'll be allowed the use of audiovisual equipment at no cost... You'll receive a club mailbox... and a club email address...Uh, you'll be allowed to post your flyers and posters around the campus for publicity... And you could be eligible for funding for club events.MALE STUDENT: Well, we are definitely interested in hiring a professional speaker at one of our campus events at some point in the semester. And speakers almost always charge a fee. So .....I'll definitely follow up on that!

    二、Arrange Work Space For A Club 托福听力中文翻译:


    三、Arrange Work Space For A Club 托福听力问题:

    Q1:1.Why does the student go to speak with the woman?

    A. To get permission to organize a club event

    B. To arrange for a work space for his club

    C. To inquire about a photography class

    D. To reserve a room for photography exhibit

    Q2:2.What is the student's attitude toward the room he is offered?

    A. He thinks that sharing a room is a good way to find out about other clubs.

    B. He considers a semiprivate room to be acceptable.

    C. He is concerned that there will not be enough storage space in a semiprivate room.

    D. He is surprised that there are not enough private rooms for all the clubs.

    Q3:3.Why does the woman ask the student for an approval letter?

    A. All new clubs must submit an approval letter to the student activities center.

    B. She needs it to request funding for the club on his behalf.

    C. She needs proof that the new club has a faculty advisor.

    D. The approval letter can serve as verification of the club's registration.

    Q4:4.Near the end of the conversation,what does the student indicate he will have to do?

    A. Retrieve a letter from his dormitory room

    B. Reschedule some club events

    C. Ask a committee to review his registration

    D. Pay a registration fee to start a new club

    Q5:5.For what activity does the student consider requesting funding?

    A. Designing a club Web site

    B. Reserving audio-visual equipment

    C. Sponsoring a guest speaker

    D. Setting up a campus e-mail account

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