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  • Domestic Exchange Program托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

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    Domestic Exchange Program托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

    一、Domestic Exchange Program托福听力原文:

    NARRATOR:Listen to a conversation between a student and his ecology professor.FEMALE PROFESSOR:How's it going,Tom?MALE STUDENT:Great.I was—oh!I wanted to tell you?y'know the guest speaker you brought into class last week,from the wildlife conservation center?FEMALE PROFESSOR:Susan Brown,yes.She's an old friend from graduate school.MALE STUDENT:Her talk,on wildlife-population modeling?well,it was very theoretical?FEMALE PROFESSOR:Mmm.It was certainly a change of pace from what we usually do.MALE STUDENT:Yeah,but I think I pretty much followed along.Plus,I like to see people get so passionate about ecology?FEMALE PROFESSOR:Oh right?ecology's your major field of study,isn't it?yes,Susan Brown's certainly a lively speaker.What a shame she didn't go into teaching.MALE STUDENT:Um,anyway,what I—Well,a while ago,I saw this blurb in the school paper about a—an exchange program,that's part of the study-abroad office...uh,and today there was a booth set up in the student center with a coupla students answering questions about the university's programs in foreign countries.Seeing the booth reminded me about the article in the paper and?FEMALE PROFESSOR:Thinking about going abroad in the coming year?

    MALE STUDENT:Actually,I just spent last summer studying in Tokyo?I think that satisfied my urge to travel.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:It must've been quite an experience.MALE STUDENT:Definitely.Taking all those language courses was really challenging.But what I wanted to find out at the booth was?it's,um,a domestic exchange program.Not studying abroad,but studying for a year somewhere else here in the United States.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:I don't think I've heard of that.MALE STUDENT:Well,neither had the guys in the booth.They didn't know what I was talking about.But when I talked to the supervisor in the study-abroad office,it turns out we're part of a—a group of universities throughout the U.S.that does a domestic-exchange program.FEMALE PROFESSOR:Huh!So,you spend,what,a year at another university,and your classes count toward your degree here?

    MALE STUDENT:Yeah,and I'd pay the same fees?tuition,room,and board...that I pay here.So it doesn't really cost any extra.FEMALE PROFESSOR:Interesting.MALE STUDENT:And,y'know,I've lived here in southern Florida my whole life.And I've always been interested in Montana?the university in Montana,where I want to go,has classes that deal specifically with the ecology there,like...I'm interested in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.It's such an important ecosystem,being the source of three major rivers,and I want to learn more about it.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Wow,this is a unique idea.The climate,the plants,and wildlife...it's really different from here.Probably the culture too,in a way.And don't forget about all the outdoor activities you could do there...hiking,skiing,and the national parks?MALE STUDENT:That's true.Uh,anyway,I'll have to get my application together in the next month or so.And I'll need two letters of recommendation?one from a professor in my major department?FEMALE PROFESSOR:Consider it done.

    MALE STUDENT:Thanks.

    二、Domestic Exchange Program托福听力中文翻译:








    三、Domestic Exchange Program托福听力问题:

    Q1:1.What do the speakers mainly discuss?

    A.The man's recent experience studying in a foreign country.

    B.The man's interest in spending a year at another university.

    C.Information the man found at a booth in the student center.

    D.Travel opportunities offered by the ecology department.

    Q2:2.What do the speakers imply about the guest speaker from class?

    A.She is enthusiastic about her field of work.

    B.Her research is directly related to material from class.

    C.The subject of her talk had little to do with ecology.

    D.She was a teacher before working at the wildlife conservation center.

    Q3:3.Why does the man mention Tokyo?

    A.To indicate that he wants to change his major field of study to Japanese

    B.To give an example of a place where many students go to study abroad

    C.To show that he is not interested in studying in a foreign country next year

    D.To let his professor know that he took challenging ecology courses in Japan

    Q4:4.How did the man get information about the domestic-exchange program?

    A.He spoke with students who had participated in the program.

    B.He asked an employee in the study-abroad office about the program.

    C.He picked up a leaflet from a booth at the student center.

    D.He saw information about the program posted on a bulletin board.

    Q5:5.Why is the man interested in Montana?

    A.He wants to work with foreign-exchange students.

    B.He wants to participate in outdoor activities there.

    C.He wants to experience a different regional culture there.

    D.He wants to study the environment of a particular region there.

    四、Domestic Exchange Program托福听力答案:







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