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  • Thoreau's Ideas About Train托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

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    Thoreau's Ideas About Train托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

    一、Thoreau's Ideas About Train托福听力原文:

    NARRATOR:Listen to part of a lecture in a literature class.The professor is discussing Henry David Thoreau.

    MALE PROFESSOR:Nowadays,trains are pretty much taken for granted.But in the United States,in the first part of the nineteenth century when Thoreau lived,the railroad was a big deal,a technological revolution.It was kinda earth-shattering to ride in a mechanical conveyance at 50 kilometers an hour in the 1830s.

    The train—or“iron horse,”as people called it—unlocked all sorts of new experiences of time,space…Thoreau himself praised trains for changing the way people experienced their own bodies…for stirring the imagination in new ways.So,in Thoreau’s famous book,Walden…As,uh,you know,Walden is one of the central literary texts of the United States from that time period.And in it,Thoreau offers both praise and criticisms of trains.

    Um,Thoreau is sometimes seen as being anti-modern,but he's not.He uses poetic language,descriptive metaphors to inspire,to awe his readers,to communicate the fact that the railroad was a feat of human ingenuity.

    Thoreau also associates trains with commerce and trade.Though his attitudes toward commerce are complicated,he credits trains for delivering goods that feed and clothe society…things that improve human life.

    But Thoreau also critiques trains on what we could call philosophical grounds.He points out that riding on trains distorts people's experiences of the natural world;trees…wildlife…landscapes just zip right past you.And this is a real problem for him.Thoreau also worries that trains had become an“institution”regulating a whole country.

    He worries about people doing things in“railroad fashion”…conforming to the train's timetable,letting their lives be governed by this mechanical device that’s making its way into the fabric of society.And he extends this critique to other inventions of the day,like,uh,the penny press,this very fast,steam-driven press.He talks about popular literary genres,like penny newspapers and dime novels,which were being published in mass quantities.

    He worries about people no longer thinking for themselves and uncritically accepting all this cheap,popular literature…and the trivial details of the news.So,Thoreau is offering here a critique of technology that might be relevant for our own times…and I think it's important to take it seriously.When there's a new invention—a new computer or mobile phone technology,some new gadget—there's a tendency to think that we need to have that thing…just as people were doing in the nineteenth century with respect to railroads—accepting them as a necessity without considering the possible negative consequences or trade-offs that can flow from them.OK,can anybody offer an example of what I'm talking about?Debra?

    FEMALE STUDENT:Yeah.There was this new computer game that my brother just had to have.So,he saved his money and bought it,wh-which was good,I guess,that he saved his money and all.But now,he spends like all his spare time playing that game instead of riding bikes with his friends or reading books,like he used to do.And it’s causing some friction between him and our parents.

    MALE PROFESSOR:Perfect example,Debra.So this is one way to think about Thoreau's text—not just as an important book in its time—for what it tells us about the nineteenth century—but also as a text that can teach us certain things about ourselves in contemporary society.

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    三、Thoreau's Ideas About Train托福听力问题:

    Q1:1.What does the professor mainly discuss?

    A.Thoreau's use of train metaphors.

    B.Thoreau's complex attitude toward trains.

    C.Events that inspired Thoreau to write his book Walden.

    D.Reasons that Thoreau's book Walden was popular in the nineteenth century.

    Q2:2.In Walden,Thoreau describes some benefits of trains.What benefits does the professor mention?[Click on 2 answers.]

    A.Trains helped people feel more connected to their national culture.

    B.Trains made life more convenient for many people.

    C.Trains stimulated the imagination in new ways.

    D.Trains cost less to use than other modes of transportation.

    Q3:3.According to Thoreau,what is the relationship between trains and nature?

    A.Trains can distort passengers'perceptions of nature.

    B.Trains make the landscape more visually interesting.

    C.Trains can transport people to natural settings.

    D.Trains cause damage to the environment.

    Q4:4.According to the lecture,what point does Thoreau emphasize about trains and the penny press?

    A.Penny-press publications were read by average citizens,but trains were used mainly by the wealthy

    B.Trains delivered penny-press publications to a broad national audience.

    C.Both trains and the penny press threatened people's individualism.

    D.Both trains and the penny press enhanced people's understanding of the world.

    Q5:5.What does the professor imply when he discusses modern technology?

    A.It is better to wait until a new technology is perfected before adopting it.

    B.A new technology that has more disadvantages than advantages is unlikely to succeed.

    C.People are more skeptical of new technology now than in Thoreau's time.

    D.People should consider possible negative consequences of a new technology before adopting it.

    Q6:6.What is the professor's opinion about Walden as it relates to the world today?

    A.Walden is of interest mainly for its descriptions of nineteenth-century life.

    B.The issues that Walden addresses remain relevant today.

    C.Mass transportation has changed too much for Walden to be relevant today.

    D.Walden correctly predicted that trains would be replaced by other technologies.

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