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  • Grotowski's Idea About Theater托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

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    Grotowski's Idea About Theater托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

    一、Grotowski's Idea About Theater托福听力原文:

    NARRATOR:Listen to a conversation between a student and a theater professor.

    MALE STUDENT:Hi,Professor Jones.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Hey,didn't I see you at the performance of Crimes of the Heart last night?

    MALE STUDENT:Yeah…actually my roommate had a small part in it.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Really?I was impressed with the performance—there sure are some talented people here!What did you think?

    MALE STUDENT:You know,Beth Henley's an OK playwright;she's written some decent stuff,but…it was a little too traditional,a little too ordinary…especially considering the research I’m doing.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Oh,what’s that?

    MALE STUDENT:On the Polish theater director Jerzy Grotowski.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Grotowski,yeah,that's a little out of the mainstream…pretty experimental.

    MALE STUDENT:That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.I had a question about our essay and presentation.


    MALE STUDENT:Yeah,some of these ideas,uh,Grotowski's ideas,are really hard to understand—they're very abstract,philosophical—and,well,I thought the class would get more out of it if I acted out some of it to demonstrate.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Interesting idea…and what happens to the essay?

    MALE STUDENT:Well,I'll do the best I can with that,but supplement it with the performance—you know,bring it to life.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:All right…but what exactly are we talking about here?Grotowski,as I'm sure you know,had several phases in his career.

    MALE STUDENT:Right.Well,I’m mainly interested in his idea from the late 1960s…Poor theater,you know,a reaction against a lot of props,lights,fancy costumes,and all that…so,it’d be good for the classroom.I wouldn’t need anything special.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Yes.I’m sure a lot of your classmates are unfamiliar with Grotowski—this would be good for them.

    MALE STUDENT:Right,and this leads…I think there's overlap between his Poor theater phase and another phase of his,when he was concerned with the relationship between performers and the audience.I also want to read more and write about that.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:You know,I saw a performance several years ago…it really threw me for a loop.You know,you're used to just watching a play,sitting back…but this performance,borrowing Grotowski's principles,was really confrontational—a little uncomfortable.The actors looked right in our eyes,even moved us around,involved us in the action.

    MALE STUDENT:Yeah,I hope I can do the same when I perform for the class.I'm a bit worried,since the acting is so physical,that there's so much physical preparation involved.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Well,some actors spend their whole lives working on this…so don't expect to get very far in a few weeks…but I'm sure you can bring a couple of points across.And,if you need some extra class time,let me know.

    MALE STUDENT:No,I think I can fit it into the regular time for the presentation.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:OK.I think this'll provide for some good discussion about these ideas,and other aspects of the audience and their relationship to theatrical productions.

    二、Grotowski's Idea About Theater托福听力中文翻译:
























    三、Grotowski's Idea About Theater托福听力问题:

    Q1:1.What are the speakers mainly discussing?

    A.A play by Grotowski that was discussed in class.

    B.A proposal that the student has for an assignment.

    C.A play that is currently being performed at the university.

    D.The main phases in Grotowski's career as a director.

    Q2:2.What does the student imply when he talks about the play he recently attended?

    A.He attended the play because he is writing an essay on it.

    B.He wished the play were more experimental.

    C.He thought his roommate showed great talent.

    D.He was not familiar with the author of the play.

    Q3:3.What are two characteristics of Grotowski's theater that the speakers mention?[Click on 2 answers.]

    A.The minimal equipment on the stage in his productions.

    B.The single stories that his plays are based on.

    C.The elaborate costumes the actors wear in his plays.

    D.The actions of the performers in his plays.

    Q4:4.Why does the professor mention a play she attended several years ago?

    A.To compare it to the play she saw the previous evening.

    B.To suggest that Grotowski's principles do not necessarily lead to effective theater.

    C.To show how different it was from Poor theater.

    D.To provide an example of one of the ideas the student wants to research.

    Q5:5.What does the professor imply about the acting the student wants to do?

    A.Audiences are no longer surprised by that type of acting.

    B.The acting requires less physical preparation than he thinks.

    C.He will not be able to master that style of acting easily.

    D.He should spend less time acting for the class and more time on class discussion.

    四、Grotowski's Idea About Theater托福听力答案:







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