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  • Get Information About A Program托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

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    Get Information About A Program托福听力原文翻译及问题答案

    一、Get Information About A Program 托福听力原文:

    NARRATOR: Listen to a conversation between a student and her economics professor.

    MALE PROFESSOR: Excellent presentation you made at the end of class yesterday!

    FEMALE STUDENT: Oh, thanks!

    MALE PROFESSOR: I'm so glad you volunteered to present first. Starting out by outlining what you were going to say, then, at the end, summarizing the key points—it was a very effective way of getting your points across.

    FEMALE STUDENT: I'm glad you think so. I was afraid it might come across as… too formal.

    MALE PROFESSOR: Not at all. In fact, I think it's a great approach, in general, for these presentations, so I hope the others were taking note. And the economic model you discussed—build-operate-transfer—I think everyone was quite interested.

    FEMALE STUDENT: Yeah, it makes so much sense. If governments allow private companies to build public works, like a power plant, and then operate it for a decade or two before transferring ownership to the government, everyone benefits.

    MALE PROFESSOR: Yes, the private companies make a profit, the public gets a needed infrastructure.

    FEMALE STUDENT: And all without the government having to spend any money up front. Which is amazing.


    FEMALE STUDENT: Anyway… as I said in my presentation, this model's being used in Turkey right now, and you said, when you handed out that brochure in class last week—about the university's Global Enrichment Initiative, you said one of the countries involved in that is Turkey.

    MALE PROFESSOR: Yes, that’s right.

    FEMALE STUDENT: So, I wanted to see if there's a chance… uh, the university sends fifteen students overseas to study?

    MALE PROFESSOR: Fifteen students per country—fifteen for Turkey, fifteen for Brazil, fifteen for Russia…We’ve got a total of six countries participating next summer.


    MALE PROFESSOR: Yeah, and you spend six weeks in whichever country you’re selected for. The classroom component consists of seminars on that country's culture, politics, and economy. Most sessions are taught in English by local professors, but two of our faculty accompany each group and also give seminars. I'll be going to Brazil to teach a seminar on coffee next summer.

    FEMALE STUDENT: But  you're an economist!

    MALE PROFESSOR: Coffee’s played a central role in Brazil's economic development for over 200 years. About a third of the coffee consumed worldwide is produced in Brazil.

    FEMALE STUDENT: Oh, I had no idea. Hmm. So, if I applied… I mean, can students pick the country they wanna go to? 'Cause if I could go to Turkey…

    MALE PROFESSOR: Well, the primary goal of the Global Enrichment Initiative is simply cultural exchange…so students who’ve never been overseas before can broaden their perspective. This is why, on the application, you’re asked to indicate your first-, second-, and third-choice countries.

    FEMALE STUDENT:  I’m only interested in Turkey, though. I'm studying both Turkish and Turkish history this term.


    FEMALE STUDENT:  And, maybe I could learn more about how they're implementing the build-operate-transfer model there. Plus, I wouldn't wanna take a spot away from someone who really wanted to go to one of the other countries.

    MALE PROFESSOR:Well, I guess you could leave the second and third choices blank…

    二、Get Information About A Program 托福听力中文翻译:

























    三、Get Information About A Program 托福听力问题:

    Q1:1.Why does the woman go to see the professor?

    A. To get suggestions about what to include in her next presentation

    B. To follow up on a question she had raised in class

    C. To update him on a research project she is helping him organize

    D. To get information about a program that he had mentioned in class

    Q2:2.What do the speakers agree is a benefit of the build-operate-transfer economic model that they discuss?

    A. It permits government engineers to work on private construction projects

    B. It helps private companies buy facilities that were built by the government

    C. It enables public facilities to be constructed without government funding.

    D. It enables private companies to operate public facilities that the government builds.

    Q3:3.Why does the professor point out how much coffee is produced in Brazil?

    A. To give an example of the economic model the woman is interested in

    B. To explain why it is appropriate for him to teach a seminar about coffee

    C. To help clarify one of the goals of the Global Enrichment Initiative

    D. To correct a common misperception about Brazil's economy

    Q4:4.Why is the woman interested in applying to go only to Turkey? [Click on 2 answers]

    A. She has been studying Turkey's history and language.

    B. She has already visited Brazil and Russia.

    C. She believes that selecting just one country will help her get accepted into the program.

    D. She would like to see how an economic model she studied is put into practice there.

    Q5:5.What does the professor imply when he says this: (PROFESSOR) I'm so glad you volunteered to present first!

    A. He thinks that going first helped the woman be less nervous about giving a presentation.

    B. He hopes other students will structure their presentations the way the woman did.

    C. The woman was the first student ever to give a presentation on Turkey's economy in his class.

    D. He is relieved that the class is staying on schedule for making presentations.

    四、Get Information About A Program 托福听力答案:







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