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      题目:Students can use their mobile phones to surf on the Internet or listen to the music while doing their homework.




      [1] Firstly, it is impossible for students to concentrate on their homework while doing something else at the same time. [2] This is because homework usually demands a relatively quiet place and full concentration from the student. [3] Conversely, if a student is doing homework and listening to music or surfing online as well, his or her attention will be torn apart, and the efficiency of finishing homework will be inevitably affected. [4] A good case in point is my own experience. [5] When I am working on a mission such as preparing a presentation, I have to devote all my attention to it and cannot afford any slight disturbance. [6] If I randomly refresh my Weibo or Wechat on cell phone, my job would be bound to last for a longer time.

      [1] 主题句:It is + adj. + for sb. to do A.

      [2] 正面说理:This is because….

      [3] 反面说理:Conversely….

      [4] 引出例子:A good case in point is X’s experience.

      [5-6] 阐述例子: Content of the example


      It is important or beneficial for sb. to do A in order to X. This is because A 对于 X 的重要性或者好处。Conversely, 如果不做 A 对于 X 的坏处。A good case in point is Eg1’s experience. 2-3 句阐述例子。The story of Eg1 perfectly illustrates the importance of A.

      这里把 impossible 变成了 important or beneficial 因为大部分题目我们都是支持的。既然支持,原因自然是 A 很好或者 A 很重要,自然这两个词就变得非常通用。最后又加了一个对于例子的总结,我们需要做的就是写清楚 A 对于 X 的好处是啥,不做 A 的坏处是啥,以及补充例子的具体内容。当然了,这只是一个非常理想的情况,如果由于某些原因不能保证正反说理和例子同时存在,可以酌情去掉。比如没有例子可以只有正反说理,只不过各说 2-3 句即可。类似的,如果没有反面说理,可以例子或者正面的说理多说一句。极端情况下,主题句和说理都不会写,那直接上例子呗。


      Agree or disagree, it is better for children to choose the jobs of their parents.

      It is important for us to choose a job that suits our interests in order to distinguish ourselves in a particular field. This is because not only could we have much higher work efficiency by devoting ourselves to a job that interests us,but also we are more likely to come up with innovative ideas. Conversely, following in the footsteps of our parents without thinking of what fascinates us is likely to lead us to nothing but mediocre life.A good case in point is Kobe, a shooting guard who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He is one of the most influential basketball players in the history of NBA, not solely for his success in leading the Lakers to three consecutive NBA championships, but for his courage to choose a career that he is obsessed with. The story of Kobe perfectly illustrates the importance of personal interest in one’s career development.


      Not only could we …, but also we are more likely to ….

      …., not solely for A, but for B.


      devote A to B

      suit one’s interest | interest sb | fascinate sb | be obsessed with

      come up with

      without thinking of

      following in the footstep of sb



      No one would deny the fact that the importance of A to X should never be overlooked.

      The fact that A is of vital importance to X is hardly a surprise.

      There is no denying that A is conducive to X or A is closely bound up with X.

      On no account should we underestimate the importance of A to X.

      By no means are we supposed to close our eyes to the importance of A to X.

      It is A that plays an essential part in X.

      What we have to admit is that A is a major contributor to X.



      One of the most obvious reasons of this point is that ….

      What may explain this point is that ….

      The reason is that ….

      Of the various reasons attempting to account for this point, the most likely one is that ….

      It is generally believed that X results from A.


      That is the reason why ….

      …., as a result of which ….

      …., which may explain why ….


      On the contrary | In contrast | Conversely | On the other hand


      To illustrate, we may refer to the example of A.

      A is a good demonstration of this point.

      For relevant examples, we just need to turn to A.

      There is no better illustration of this point than the example of A.

      There are myriads of examples in our lives that can be used here to substantiate this point, one of which is XXX.

      If anyone needs convincing that…, here is the proof.

      If anyone looks for further evidence that …, they should look at ….

      Those seeking more conviction that … can now turn to ….

      Examples of this point abounds in our lives, one of which is ….

      … can be cited here as an example of this point.


      The story of Eg. perfectly illustrates the importance of A to X.

      It can be seen from the story of Eg. that A is an indispensable ingredient of X.

      Without A, Eg. could have never done X.

      Needless to say, Eg’s story indicates that X is largely a result of A.

      Had Eg. not done A, Eg. would have never done X.





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