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      10. Where do you like to go when you are with friends? And why? (06. 1.14; 06. 2.11考题) Sample answer:

      When I'm with friends, I like to go to the restaurant. We would head for some exotic (异国情调的,外国的)restaurant where we would choose our favorite dishes. And  also, it should be one of the restaurants where the waitresses do not talk too much or disturb you. I would like to find a secluded (隐蔽的,角落里的) table just for 3 or 4, perhaps with a panoramic view(全景) over a river or the lights of the city. We would have some very mellow(醇香的), warming red wine in sparkling glasses twinkling in the candlelight, the hues(色调) and aroma(香味) filling our senses. We would eat slowly and carelessly for the joy of sharing and of being together. Our senses heightened, breathing deeply to the point of silent sighs, we would enjoy an endless evening there. That's the right place where I don't want to end our gathering.


      Describe a school you’ve ever attended. (06. 9.23 考题) Sample answer:

      The school I'd like to talk about is Beijing New Oriental School where I took my TOEFL course.

      What I like about the school is that I can meet almost the best teachers in the  are so talented, eloquent(有口才的), knowledgeable and humorous that I don't feel any bored in class. A 2.5 -hour class passes very quickly. One more good thing about the school is that I can meet people from different parts of the country and make friends with them. We have a lot in common, sharing the same passion, the same stage, even the same learning difficulties which we encounter(遇到) and then discuss and finally work out together. Living on campus offers us much time to communicate and to share experiences.

      Actually there's a lot to say about my school, but the points above are what I mainly want to cover.


      Describe a public area that you visit frequently. Please state why you visit it frequently and include specific examples and details in your explanation. (06. 1.21; 06. 11.17 考题) Sample answer:

      I usually go to Beihai Park when I have the time and opportunity. I can go for a stroll in the park to relax. The park has some trees, and interesting and winding paths, where I can wander listlessly and contemplate my own thoughts or admire the various stages of nature. Sometimes I just like to feel the breeze on my face and savour(尽情享受) its coolness. It gives me a sense of freedom. It also has a lake on which I can go boating. I often go to the park with my friends on weekends. And we'll have a picnic if we stay there for the whole day.


      Describe a place for a trip. (07. 8.11 考题; 与 2007. 1.19,2008. 2. 2 类似) Sample answer:

      I would go to New Zealand for a trip if I had a chance. It's a lovely country, made up two islands. It is very lush(青葱的) and green because it rains a lot there. I would do a lot of different things and one thing I would definitely do is to swim with the dolphins. One of my friends ever did it, which she said was very interesting. At first, she was only brave enough to pat them and then she got braver and held on to one's fin while it took her for a swim. They moved very quickly and gracefully through the water and it was fascinating (棒极了). So the place for a trip would be New Zealand!


      Describe your favorite room either of your own house or in other places and explain why. (07. 1.13; 07.9.12; 08.4.27 考题) Sample answer:

      My favorite room is the living room. I like lots of open space and a sense of expansiveness,of freedom(宽敞和自由的感觉). Also, it's a place where I can look around and not feel agitated(不安的) or confined(受限制的). All different but natural colors have a such lovely warm effect that I would never get tired of it. Everything is in harmony----- large digital TV on the wall, glass-made tea table, beautiful plants, couch and sofa, a good book, a good wine. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and away from hurly burly(喧嚣) is at times a place to contemplate and at times a place to share with friends. In a word, it is graceful, refined, comfortable and restful.


      Describe a place you have never been to but like to go someday. (07. 1.19 考题;与 2008. 2. 2 类似) Sample answer:

      A place that I have always wanted to go but have never been to is America. Perhaps it's a bit corny, but as far as I'm concerned, America is a country, which is vast and open, a sort of freedom. It's also a place where if you work hard you will be successful.

      The second reason for me to go there is that I would like to visit some natural places like Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls and some cities like NY, LA, SF, and Miami, where there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

      But most important of all,I would get my Master's in a different country if I had a chance. That country would be America, which has the most prestigious universities worldwide. Hence I can get the finest education. I guess that would be the biggest attraction for me, to discover myself in a different world and be successful.





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