451.tawdry: exquisite俗丽的:优美的

  The _______ of the house was tastefully decorated, contrasting sharply with the ______ appearance of the outside.

  A. impression ….awkward

  B. exterior … cheap

  C. interior …tawdry

  D. inside …lovely

  452.tedious: entertaining 乏味的:愉快的

  The director complained that the sitcom’s theme song was downright -------, having no more pep and vigor than a -------.

  (A) tedious . . jingle

  (B) inchoate . . lullaby

  (C) lugubrious . . dirge

  (D) facetious . . ballad

  (E) sprightly . . eulogy

  jingle 叮当声

  453.temperate: frivolous 节制的:轻佻的

  454.tenable: unjustifiable 站得住脚的:不可防御的

  Upon realizing that his position was__, the general__ his men to retreat to a neighboring hill.

  (A) valuable, admonished

  (B) untenable, ordered

  (C) overrated, forbade

  (D) exposed, urged

  (E) salubrious, commanded

  455.tenacious: negotiable固执的:可商量的

  His peers respected him because he was both__ and___: steadfast in his beliefs and tactful in his negotiations.

  (A) resourceful, courteous

  (B) tenacious, manipulative

  (C) determined, demonstrative

  (D) resolute, diplomatic

  (E) outspoken, indiscriminate

  456.tentative: formal 实验性的:正式的

  When a baby first learns to walk he will generally walk cautiously, placing one foot___ in front of the other while trying to find his balance.

  (A) heavily

  (B) clumsily

  (C) tentatively

  (D) confidently

  (E) languidly

  457.testy: affable 暴躁的:和蔼可亲的

  458.thrive: fail 兴旺:失败

  459.timeworn: novel 陈旧的,老朽的:新颖的

  460.timorous: unflinching/stalwart/intrepid 胆小的,胆怯的:不退缩,不畏惧

  461.tonic: enfeebling 滋补:衰弱

  The good night’s sleep had-----effect on the weary climber, who woke refreshed and eager to resume the ascent.

  (A) an innocuous (B) a tonic (C) a minor (D) an enervating

  (E) a detrimental

  462.torrential: trickling 奔流的:细细地流的

  In the summertime, ___ rains often__ the hillside slopes, causing landslides and washing away people’s precarious houses.

  (A) torrential, deluge

  (B) gentle, purge

  (C) treacherous, sustain

  (D) liberal, desecrate

  (E) fecund, bolster

463.tranquility: pandemonium平静:混乱

  Despite being in the midst of angry and noisy___, Lucinda felt surprisingly__.

  (A) discord, tranquil (B) pomp, daunting (C) banality, conventional

  (D) turmoil, controversial (E) serenity, opportune

  464.transitory: perpetual 短暂的:永久的

  465.translucence: opacity 半透明:不透明

  466.transparent: delusive 透明的,显然的:迷惑的

  467.travesty: paragon 滑稽模仿:模范

  468.treacherousness: faithfulness 清晰的:含糊的/迟钝的

  469.trenchant: vague/dull/subtle 清晰的:含糊的/迟钝的

  470.trepidation: aplomb 颤抖:镇定

  The apparent___ with which professional skiers descend the slopes is deceptive; this activity requires___ effort and intense concentration.

  (A) trepidation--- conscious (B) focus---resolute (C)nonchalance---strenuous

  (D) consideration---unpredictable (E) insouciance--- minimal

  471.tribute: denunciation 感谢词:谴责

  472.trivial: massive 琐细的:宏伟的

  473.tumult: tranquility 骚动:安静

  Mr. DiCastro’s outburst was unexpected; his personality is usually ________.





  474.turgid: simple 浮夸的:简朴的

  475.turmoil: tranquility 骚动:安静

  476.ubiquitous: rarely encountered到处都是的:很少遭遇

  477.unassuming: overbearing 谦逊的:傲慢的

  478.uncanny: ordinary 离奇的:普通的

  479.unsubstantiated: verified 无确实证据的:已证实的

  480.unswerving/steadfast/: deviating/hesitant/hesitating/vacillating/staggering/halting/irresolute

  481.untainted: contaminated 无感染的:被玷污的

  482.untenable: defensible无法抵抗的:可抵抗的

  483.unwonted: usual不寻常的:寻常的

  If you come to the conference table with such an ----attitude, we cannot expect to reach any harmonious agreement.

  (A) exemplary (B) iridescent (C) indolent

  (D) obdurate (E) unwonted

  484.usurp: assume rightfully 篡权:正当的就职

  485.vacuous: intelligent/omniscient 心灵空虚的:聪明的

  486.vague: express 含糊的:明确的

  There are vague outlines of half a continent, a sense of vast spaces and little habitation.

  487.valiant: pusillanimous勇猛的:懦弱的

  488.vapid: piquant/ riveting 乏味的:开胃的

  The English novelist William Thackeray considered the cult of the criminal so dangerous that he criticized Dickens’ Oliver Twist for making the characters in the thieves’ kitchen so _______.

  A) threatening B) riveting C) conniving

  D) fearsome E) irritating

  489.vehement: apathetic/languid/lull/tepidity 激烈的:缺乏感情的

  Wary of unorthodox treatments, many doctors are reluctant to concede that nutritionists have a____ argument for the use of dietary regulation as preventive medicine.

  (A) cogent (B) cursory (C) vacillating (D) feckless (E) vehement

  490.venerable: despicable值得尊敬的:可鄙的

  491.verbose: concise 冗长的:简洁的

  He is much too____ in his writings: he writes a page when a sentence should suffice.

  (A) devious (B) lucid (C) verbose (D) efficient (E)pleasure

  492.verifiable: fallacious 可证实的:错误的

  Some subatomic particles, _____ only through their effects on other bodies, have been compared to outer planets whose____ was first deduced from eccentricities in other planets’ orbits.

  (A) feasible---irregularly (B) palpable---certain (C)imaginable---falsity

  (D) perceptible---existence (E) verifiable---proximity

  493.verisimilar: implausible 好像真实的:不可能的

  494.versatile: having limited application 万能的:用途有限

  Leonardo da Vinci was a__ artist; he was a painter, sculptor, draftsman, architect, and inventor.

  (A) demonstrative